FEMA Hurricanes/Ready.gov: /www.ready.gov/hurricanes
FEMA: Disaster Preparness: 903-932-1949
Ready Business - Plan to Stay in Business: 3186074415
Domino's Disaster Preparedness Wiki: /emergency.dominos.com


Keep Safe During a Hurricane:

After a Disaster - Team Member Assistance:
Team Members may find these files useful when recovering from a tragedy. All files are in PDF format. (Get Acrobat Reader.)

Important Phone Numbers:

Aetna Hurricane Preparedness
Aetna Behavioral Health opens its Employee Assistance Program resources to all Aetna plan sponsors, regardless of whether or not they are Aetna EAP customers, during times of need. Aetna's EAP professionals, who have experience dealing with traumatic events, are available to help. Aetna members can contact Aetna EAP 24/7 for telephonic consultation, referrals or general information such as areas affected by a disaster, shelters and government resources.
Affected Aetna members can also seek urgent or emergency care anywhere, as needed. As part of its disaster procedures, Aetna also monitors the impact on its network doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. The company works closely with providers to make further modifications to its policies as necessary to ensure members have access to care.
If any additional local, state or federal disaster executive orders or regulations are issued related to catastrophic events, Aetna also adjusts its policies to comply.